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Young Millennial Women - More Susceptible To Debt Than Men

Research shows #millennial women are more susceptible to debt than men, but why? via @HforB #wagegap #gendergap


By: Sarah Weldon

Listen, we’ve all heard at least a dozen complaints about our generation. Millennials are too lazy, too dependent, too idealistic, too self-absorbed and totally unprepared for the future. All millennials have dealt with this shit-covered lens, reading baby boomer article after baby boomer article about why we just seem to suck so much.

Well, ladies, a study by Wells Fargo has…

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As members of the millennial generation, we are already well aware of the job dissatisfaction of previous generations. We’ve heard our parents gripe about work-related stress, the lack of intellectual engagement, and the climbing age of retirement. We already know that unhappiness in the workplace negatively impacts our health – both mentally and physically, as well our ability to be financially secure.

We came of age in a time of economic turmoil, in a time when the standard 9-5 workday became a pipe dream, if only because no one was hiring. We stand together struggling to grasp the basics of adulthood while drowning in student loan debt, facing mountains of job applications that we will likely never hear a response to, and living with mom and dad because we can’t afford rent on our own.

Millennials are driven to find fulfilling work. And contrary to what you may have been told, your degree and skills aren’t useless. If you are going to spend the estimated 98,000 hours of your life working, you might as well be doing something you love. I get it, my jaw dropped at that number, too.

Enter The Niche Movement.

The Niche Movement was founded in January 2013 by Kevin O’Connell, a rising leader in marketing and digital media for Gen Y. He is well versed in the benefits of using technology and social media to bridge the gap between your skills, the need’s of employers, and your future job satisfaction.

Kevin founded The Niche Movement because he wants us to know that it is 100 percent possible to find – or design – a career that will pull together our strengths, talents, and passions. It’s far too easy to become discouraged when we’re building our careers when it seems like the only jobs we will find are in retail or hospitality.

It’s easy to stop believing in yourself after you’ve had four or so years of blunted adulthood living in the whimsical bubble of college. Once you have been thrown head-first into the real world, you shouldn’t settle for mind-numbing work, lose your passion for creativity, or fall into underemployment.

I really don’t want you to stop believing in yourself. We are all continuing to learn, grow, and sharpen our skills every single day. Times have changed and the conventional way of building your career is no longer the answer. In fact, an Aberdeen study found that 73% of 18-34 year olds found their latest job through social media. Can you really believe that your dream job is waiting for you on your beloved social networks? Yes, yes you can.

The Niche Movement is going to help you find your next job on Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook. They will teach you how to curate and maintain an online presence through their expertise and personal success stories. They will show you how to successfully discover your niche and use non-traditional methods to empower you to take the necessary risks in order to build a career you will love.

Kevin has extensive experience working between companies, college students, and young professionals. In his own words, “I eat, sleep and breathe college student’s lives. I’ve been in the trenches where I have seem them thrive and a year later frustrated in their ‘post-graduate life.’ I’ve seen the bad advice and traditional methods not work… I’m not a job board. I’m not a recruiter. I’m trying to help connect the dots for young professionals [to] find their way.”

What can you do?

The Niche Movement currently has a campaign on Kickstarter for their book The Niche Movement: The New Rules to Finding the Career You Love. Kevin is passionate about helping Gen Y find their way and he needs our help to build his platform.

The campaign runs through Tuesday, August 12th. Backer contributions start at $9 which includes a digital version of the book (read: life-altering career advice and career-building techniques for the price of a Chipotle burrito with guacamole).

Millennials are capable of so many wonderful, life-affirming things. We do so much on our own; that’s why you are on GenTwenty right now – we only exist because traditional career paths weren’t panning out for us, so we decided to create our own. But we do need help, advice, and encouragement because the real world is a scary place, even in the digital environment.

Be an element of change. Take control of your future and empower other millennials to do the same.

Meet Our July 2014 Partners!

Meet Our July 2014 Partners!

July Partners

We recently launched our Partnership Program to connect with twenty-something and millennial bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

As a token of our gratitude, we’d like to extend a massive thank you to our June and July Partners by introducing them to you here:

Sydney Brodie

Sydney is a lifestyle blogger, a self-proclaimed pizza addict with deep-rooted love of sarcasm. She…

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One Twenty-Something’s Spiritual Journey: The Last Page of the First Chapter

One Twenty-Something’s Spiritual Journey: The Last Page of the First Chapter

The Last Page

All I’m saying is don’t give up, you’re getting so close
All I’m saying is don’t give up, it’s the right way you chose
(“Everything Fades”, Poets of the Fall)

I knew going into this piece that it would be the last in this series. While I’m still learning and growing and exploring along this path, I’m at a loss to consistently write a column on spirituality that will have meaning for anyone but…

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How To Cope With the Limbo Between a Job Interview and the Results

How To Cope With the Limbo Between a Job Interview and the Results

Job interview

All of your experience has prepared you for this moment: the job interview. All of your years studying and working to get that degree in the field of your dreams, the months since graduation spent hunting down jobs to apply to, have all lead up to this opportunity to be hired.

After the interview is even worse. Your mind is racing, Did I get the job? Maybe I shouldn’t have answered that one…

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Why Gen Y Might Never Grow Up 

Why Gen Y Might Never Grow Up 

Gen Y Never Grow Up

It starts out like any complex that manifests inside you. When someone tells you enough that you are fat, you cut out carbs. When someone tells you that you are stupid, you start reading the newspaper. 

To speak candidly, the reason that Gen Y might never grow up is because previous generations refuse to treat us like adults.

They’ve been force-fed negative stereotypes of the social media…

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A World of Wanderlusting: Croatia

A World of Wanderlusting: Croatia


A World of Wanderlusting” is  a weekly feature here on GenTwenty. Make sure you check back every Tuesday for the next installment. 

After a quick flight over from France we arrived in stunning Dubrovnik. Over the next five days, we traveled around from Dubrovnik, to Split, and then finished up our tour of this beautiful country by visiting the island of Hvar.

My time in Croatia seemed entirely…

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If You Can’t Change Your Circumstances, Change Your Attitude

There are days when I want nothing more than to stuff my backpack with essentials, buy a used car camper, and travel across the country from national park to national park.

Our It List: DIY Tool Kit - For all those simple home repairs you can do yourself.

Every twenty-something (okay, adult) who lives on their own is going to need tools at some point, it’s really just a fact of life.