Twenty-Something’s Dating Disaster Stories: I Was Stood Up

Stood up

Another month means another dating disaster from GenTwenty! If you want to catch up, our first installment was on The First Date.

This is another personal story, one I tried to forget about until now. Once I did recall it, I realized that there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty and that is no one wants to be stood up on a date. It is one of those dating situations that is a huge…

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Millennials and Underemployment: The Stressed Out Generation

Working in retail

The boomerang generation, roughly defined as those in their 20s and early 30s (me, you, you, and yes, you), are having a rough time. Of our generation, one in five people is currently living with his or her parents. Additionally, 60 percent still depend on their parents for financial support, according to PewResearch. While some express satisfaction with their living arrangement, roughly 80…

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A World of Wanderlusting: Portland, OR

A World of Wanderlusting: Portland, OR


A World of Wanderlusting” is  a weekly feature here on GenTwenty. Make sure you check back every Tuesday for the next installment. 

Why Portland? This was the common question we got when we told people we were headed to the quirky city as part of our annual girls trip. The answer, why not? The city has recently seemed to gain a newfound popularity as the epicenter of hipster ways and with the…

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Be Fearless: In Your Job Hunt

Be Fearless: In Your Job Hunt

Job searching

The dreaded job hunt: you’ve graduated and now you have to become a productive member of the adult world. It’s an exciting time, but also an anxiety-inducing one, and may lead to more than a couple meltdowns where you question whether or not you’re good enough to ever get a job (or maybe that’s just me).

But there are ways to get your confidence back up and stay motivated to find the job your…

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How To Network Yourself On Twitter

How To Network Yourself On Twitter

Generation Social - Network on Twitter

Believe it or not, Twitter offers a variety of job opportunities to users. As more professionals flock to Twitter, business connections and networks develop. Your tweets might just land you your next paycheck!

Where should you get started? Start by sprucing up your Twitter account! A clean and professional Twitter account will catch the eye of Twitter users.

Start by adding a smiling headshot of…

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Five Books to Read Immediately After Graduation

Five Books to Read Immediately After Graduation

5 Books Post-Grad

Graduating is an exciting, scary time. For some, jobs are lined up and a post-grad-life plan is forming, for others jobs are still something to be found and the plan may be to move back home. But for all, this is a time when our lives are no longer mapped out for us and we are the ones who are charged with making the decisions – for better or for worse – that will shape our future. Every young…

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Twenty-Something Adventures: Dining Solo

Twenty-Something Adventures: Dining Solo

Dining Solo

I made the time recently to do something from this year’s bucket list: have a solo dining experience.  And a fancy coffee shop or quaint café wouldn’t do. I made up my mind to go to a pub with a menu and food you didn’t have to serve yourself. Armed with a tentative budget, a kickass dress, and some reading material, I walked through the door with my head held high. It was close to 5 p.m. but…

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Conversations With a Blogger: Lindsay and Lauren of Twenty Something Living

Conversations With a Blogger: Lindsay and Lauren of Twenty Something Living

Twenty Something LivingRecently we got a chance to learn a more about the geniuses behind Twenty Something Living. The pair created Twenty Something Living as a place for twenty-somethings to call home, much like our beloved GenTwenty. Twenty Something Living offers an honest take with a splash of laughter, irony, and insight into the defining decade.

These two girls are recent college grads who each bring unique…

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Why Loving Yourself Is Brave by @jessicasays__

When I mention my passion for practicing self-love and fostering self-love in others through my blog…

A Lesson in Brutal Honesty

Dearest twenty-somethings, I hope your summer has been wonderful, enlightening, and a little more relaxing than mine!

What Being Fearless Means To Gen Y

When I started writing this, I thought I knew why our generation was capable of such fearlessness.

Be You, Do You: Taking Control of Your Life

Be You, Do You: Taking Control of Your Life

Become who you really are

I’ve recently entered a chapter of my life where I’m more open and direct about what I want and don’t want from all aspects of my life (career, relationships, etc.). In many ways, our twenties are the last decade of those truly formative years, and it’s a pivotal time to really point our lives in whatever direction we want it to go.

Motivational speaker Denis Waitley says, “A sign of wisdom and…

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A World of Wanderlusting: Cinque Terre


A World of Wanderlusting” is  a weekly feature here on GenTwenty. Make sure you check back every Tuesday for the next installment. 

Oh my, this place has my heart. It’s not quite like anything I’ve ever seen before and while I was only in this quaint little set of towns for two days, it really tugged at my heart string with it’s beauty. Cinque Terre is on the coast of Italy, it’s a series of…

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When Life Hands You Lemons

When Life Hands You Lemons

When life hands you lemons

By: Jaime Silk 

I still remember my 20th birthday like it was 9 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days ago (What? Can’t a girl be successful at training her memory and it still feel like it was yesterday?!) The thing I remember most about that day was thinking “Wahoo! Yeah baby! I’m in my twenties! These are going to be the best years of my life!” I will have to keep you posted on the longitudinal…

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Generation Social: Establishing Your Social Media Identity

Your twenties are a time of self discovery. You may rethink (or reaffirm) your values and beliefs as your life changes.