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My musical lineage

Looking for new tunes to add to your library? Fallyn decided if you like @LanaDelRey, you’ll like…


I’ll confess: I have more than a few hipster tendencies. Sometimes they can be obnoxious and get into the way of me leading my day to day life (I am physically incapable of walking past a vintage shop just in case they have old clothing). However, sometimes they can be super handy! For example, I’ve been tracing my ‘musical lineage’ lately. What does that mean?

Well, for one it means that my…

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Spring Cleaning: Shaping up your physique

Looking to shape up your bod for summer? Autriel shares her foolproof way to reaching those goals!


Many people often use spring as a chance to clean up their lives – getting rid of old clothes through the Goodwill and yard sales, cleaning out cars to prep for road trips, and purging the refrigerator of the comfort foods that kept them warm during winter’s dreary nights.

Springtime – the bridge between winter’s sweaters and summer’s bikinis – gives us 90 days to shed our mammalian blubber,…

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Double standards and respect between men and women

Double standards and respect between men and women #feminism

Double Standards

“Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.” - R.G. Risch

When it comes to the standards we place on men and women, we’re in an interesting place these days.  Many societal expectations have been supressed, like women being the homemakers and men the breadwinners, and we’ve (mostly) passed the point where women who dochoose to be stay-at-home moms are vilified for…

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Cleaning out your contacts: How to know who to delete

Cleaning out your contacts: How to know who to delete (so long negative nancy)


With spring’s arrival, we all have the urge to clean. Whether it is our closets, our car, or our lives, we need to de-clutter in order to feel that sense of accomplishment. So let’s start with the one thing we always have within arms reach: our phone. We are so dependent on our phones. Our lives are practically run by it. I don’t know about you, but I have way too many contacts in my phonebook.…

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Spring Cleaning: Positive energy

Spring clean your mood - rid yourself of negative energy and welcome happiness with an open heart. #love

Positive Energy

For most of us, spring cleaning brings a gust of rejuvenation and the motivation to cleanse our souls, lives, and surroundings. As the dated, common saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new.” We are touched with the inspiration to clean out our closets, bedrooms, vehicles, outdated letters, dusty bookshelves, and abandoned gadgets, among other things. We’ve all discarded outgrown…

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“Tidying” my way into a clutter-free life

Pick up the #tidy habit and kick procrastination to the curb


It’s so easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and put off the little (or big) things we need to do until the next day. Getting into the habit of being tidy will help you kick your procrastination to the curb, find some peace of mind, and clear out the clutter in your life.

Like everyone, I put off doing things because I’m tired or I don’t feel like getting off the couch or out of bed. I’ve learned,…

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The end and the beginning: One twenty-something’s spiritual journey


“Spirituality may be defined as an individual’s sense of peace, purpose, and connection to others, and beliefs about the meaning of life.” (National Cancer Institute)

“It is not ideal to consider spirituality as a thing, an object. It does not have the nature of a specimen that can be dissected and analysed. Spirituality is better thought of as a boundary-less dimension of human experience.” (P…

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It’s high time we end the stigma around mental health issues. It’s ok not to be ok. @stephenfry

I am a 21-year-old female and I have been seeing a therapist weekly for almost a year.
Common courtesy: The golden rules of Starbucks

Common courtesy: The golden rules of @Starbucks


Starbucks: an office away from the office for so many. Crowds of business people, students, and those who just need a place to go fill the coffee shop’s interior daily seeking  sustenance in caffeinated form. With so many occupying the often tiny space, there are a few things we should all keep in mind to make each other’s Frappuccino slurping, pastry-munching, business-handling experience as…

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"But first let me take a selfie:" The evolution of selfie culture

#Selfie was the 2013 word of the year according to the Oxford Dictionary. But is the phenomenon here to stay?

Selfie culture

In 2013, the term “selfie,” was awarded Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year. Now, well into a new dawn, this particular, social media phenomenon ceases to surrender. With no indication of a white flag, has this trend overstayed its welcome?

It seems (for most of us) we are past the glory days of planking, Crocs, and “Call Me Maybe” Parodies, but the selfie continues to generate quite the hype.…

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Resume workshop: Tips to remember

Our tips to overhaul your #resume for the position of your dreams:

Resume workshop

Job hunting can be an exhausting part of life, and with “job hopping” supposedly being popular amongst millennials, we should all be able to relate in some dynamic. Even if you aren’t so much of a serial job seeker, at some point in your grown-up career search, you’ll need a resume. Developing a good one can be just as exhausting as finding a job to apply for, but I’ve got some tips that will…

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Come on, get happy

Come on, get happy: 10 tried and true ways to ease your mind and welcome happiness into your heart #behappy

Get happy

Most of us think happiness is just a feeling, but it is so much more than that: It is way of life. When we allow ourselves to be happy, we make a choice to be mentally healthy, and physical and mental health go hand-in-hand.

Sometimes the daily routine of life gets the better us. All the stress and anxiety people carry around is bound to bring anyone’s happy flow to a screeching halt. That is…

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The importance of presentation at work

You dressed up for your interview, probably planned your outfit out the night before, and maybe even got up a few minutes early to make sure every hair was in its place.
Getting past the grunt work: Making the most of your internship

Getting past the grunt work: Making the most of your internship #intern #millennials


It happens to the best of us. You worked hard to land your dream internshipwith a large corporation, only to find out that 90 percent of your tasks are considered “grunt work.” You thought your boss was giving you remedial tasks for the first couple of weeks to help you ease into the new environment before starting your big project. Unfortunately, it’s been a month and you still spend your 40…

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What you’re getting out of your menial job (besides a paycheck)


Maybe you dream of a position in upper management or you strive to own your own business someday. Perhaps your goal is to become a Leslie Knope-esque public servant or to write and publish a successful screenplay. Whatever shape your career goals take, if you’re like most twenty-somethings (especially college students and recent graduates), your job likely has very little to do with the career…

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